WeThreeClub – I’ve moved!

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Hello friends,
Ive been very quiet as of late on here, and the reason for that is because my Wife and I  (Alex of Thr33designs) have joined design forces and have  created one big amazing design studio..
3dglasses + Thr33designs = WeThreeClub Makes sense right?

So yeah the site is ready now and i will be saying goodbye to this little old blog, Our new site will be updated regularly and features all of our latest work and is pretty damn awesome. So yeah go and have a look! Thank you for reading and i hope you will continue to follow me over at here at WeThreeClub.

Lots of love. Chris


Pulled Apart By Horses!

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So yeah my super awesome friends Pulled Apart By Horses are releasing their debut album next month!
They are seriously one of the best bands in the UK right now and if you havent seen them live, then you sir are crazy.

Anyway, for every song on the album they asked a different artist to do a design a page..The  brief was to do what you want but using Luminous Green, Pink , White and black!
As this was the first song i heard by them, i was really pleased to been given this badboy, High Five..
Go buy the album from Banquet Records here.

Ohhh and I just had a T-shirt design signed off by some up and coming band called Rage Against The Machine!!

But il show you that later 🙂

Fucked Up/ Trash Talk/ Cerebal Ballzy Poster

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Bloody hell, what a line up! was asked to do the poster for this ridiculously good show..
They are being printed by the awesome Loligo and il have some for sale after the gig if anyone is interested.

Poster Roast Collab Poster

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This year at the Camden Crawl in London we hosted Poster Roast 2010 with live music from Pulled Apart by Horses, Turbowolf, That Fucking tank and Silent Front with live screenprinting.

This poster was a mass collaboration between myself,
Drew Millward, Luke Drozd, Army Of Cats, Thr33designs, Tape Ears,
Telegramme, Two Ducks Disco, Adam Pobiak and Dan Mumford.

This is a rare opportunity to purchase some work by all of these artists together so grab one of these commemorative posters while you can.

These were screenprinted live at Poster Roast and are limited to only 60. 2 colour on natural heavy stock. A2 size

Buy one HERE

photos by owen richards

Trash Talk & WeThreeClub

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So currently myself and my ultra amazing Fiancé Alex Curtis are working on our new website where you will be able to get all your design needs catered for..Wethreeclub!.. holding page here
Its coming reallly soon. so keep your eyes peeled.

Just finished this last minute trash Talk poster, screenprints will be available at the show and a few from me afterwards.. Poster Roast next week.. oo er..x

The (& Mariachi El ) Bronx UK Tour Poster!

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Im a MASSIVE Bronx fan, so i am literaly so pleased to have done this poster for their upcoming UK shows..
Some are just Mariachi El Bronx, some The Bronx and some both.. good times..
This is going to printed as a split fountain, and will be available at the shows or from me.. details and process shots to follow..

Poster Roast!

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Oh man, we are busy at the moment, organising the latest Poster roast Its going to be at the Camden Crawl at the very awesome Black Heart pub.

Read all about Poster roast here if you arent familiar with it.. We are working on the new site at the moment where you will be able to buy work from as well as learn all about the craft..

They’ll be live screenprinting and posters form some of the best UK gigposter artists for sale, also playing live at the exhibition will be,

Pulled Apart By Horses, Turbowolf, That Fucking tank and Silent Front.. ooo mama, what a line up! more news to follow..

Heres a lovely poster the rad guys at Telegramme Studio did for the Roast, they are also behind the branding for the site and show.

Loved. Exhibited. Sold.