So it turns out my attic at home is pretty large and empty and has a desk and space for a vaccum table! so i have taken full advantage of this and set up a bit of a studio/print room up there,

This weekend was the tester and printed my posters for Gallows and They Died Too Young’s last show, and thanks to a lot of help from some friends it all turned out rather well!

Heres some snaps..


All done, Edition of 50 on loads of different colours, gold and black on black look especially cool!

They Died Too Young

First Colours Drying.. I might need to look into building a drying rack!

2nd colour drying.. Edition of 75 With a purple card varient and uber limited varient on orange


One Response to “Screenprinting!”

  1. Dude, awezumz!! Dead chuffed you’ve got a set up, and slightly jealous as well! Great work!

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