Torche & Pelican London Poster

Helloha Friends!

Ive just finished the poster for the London Date for Pelican and Torches Europe Tour!

Im a massive fan of the bands so this is really special for me. Everyone always seems to have a different opinion on what kind of art direction suits bands like Torche as they dont fit into any particular mould.

But i was asked by the band to keep it  bright and trippy and i was only happy to oblige!

Im screenprinting these so they will be available from the band at the show or from me after..

Coming soon, Flatstock Poster, Blood Red Shoes and a collab with Mandala Design for Crocus’ Euro Tour..


2 Responses to “Torche & Pelican London Poster”

  1. Colour choice is spot on lover! I need to get my ears around some Torche. Their new vinyl is rather tasty looking…
    Hope all is well

  2. Hey do you have any of these for sale? (it looks amazing) If so, how much and would you ship it to Canada? Let me know, thanks!

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