Blood Red Shoes Flatstock Poster

So as ive probably mentioned, Me and a bunch of other uk poster nerds are going to hamburg in few weeks to for the 3rd Euro Flatstock which is run alongside the Reeperbahn Festival.

Heres a list of the artists who will be participating.

Lil’ Tuffy (USA), MonkeyInk (USA), Guy Burwell (USA), Crash Design (USA), Alan Hynes (USA), Tara McPherson (USA), Mark Pedini (USA), Jay Ryan/the Bird Machine (USA), Vahalla Studios (USA), Crosshair (USA), Decoder Ring (USA), Diana Sudyka (USA), Strawberryluna (USA), Mig Kokinda (USA), Furturtle Show Prints (USA), Jacknife Posters (UK), Luke Drozd (UK), Graham Pilling (UK), Switchopen (UK), 3D Glasses (UK), Drew Millward (UK), Two Ducks Disco (UK),B-Droid (UK), Slowboy (DE), Fritte (DE), Douze Dresden (DE), Goetzilla (DE), Red Can Company (DE), Mara Piccione (NL),Willem Kolvoort (NL), Atzgerei (Austria), Brazos Locos (FR) and Popfuel (Canada).

As you can see its a pretty cool line up..

Anyway, I’ve done a poster for the rather amazing Blood Red Shoes for their perfomance at the fest..

Hope you like it.. screening these on recycled brown card so let me know if you want one!


2 Responses to “Blood Red Shoes Flatstock Poster”

  1. Chris – I spoke with you on Sat and picked up the `white – 1 off’ BRS poster, saw the band and really enjoyed the weekend. You did mention that their may be a UK based `flatfest’ – if you have a mailing list pleased keep me posted – no pun intended!
    Same time next year…..

  2. Hi there, cool poster lad. I was wonderin.. my gf is really really really fond of BRS and its her birthday soon. are there any of your posters left, cause i’d love to give her one? hope to hear from ya soon, have a nice day and thanks already!

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