Gallows Grey Britain Tour Series!

The tour series is happening again! And Ive put together an art gang for it that will literaly melt your face, so stay tuned to see everyone elses designs.. Heres my effort for London..

These will be screenprinted and available at the show and afterwards from yours truly..


4 Responses to “Gallows Grey Britain Tour Series!”

  1. Oh mein got! Big love Mr. White, big love…

  2. We were at that gig and didnt see these for sale! How can we get one? These are great! My missus got trampled on and we want some souvenirs coz it was such a great nite, and we didn’t get time to visit the merch stall!! Lee the drummer asked her if she was ok b4 the encore!!!

    • 3dglasses Says:

      yoyo, apparantly they all sold straight away..there was only 20 available at the show,
      i still have some left, let me know if you want one. 🙂

  3. How can I get one of these? please help

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